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What to Know about Periodontal Disease

February 18, 2019
Posted By: Workman Family Dental
Periodontal Disease | Workman Family Dental

A Great Smile Not Only Looks Great, It Feels Good, Too.

If your gums and teeth are healthy, you not only get to benefit from a wonderful smile; your overall health is up. Poor oral health is linked to numerous chronic and systemic illnesses like heart disease, kidney disease, pregnancy complications, diabetes, even arthritis. Additionally, if you have unhealthy gums, you’re at risk of tooth loss since periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among Americans. 

For this reason and more, having regular preventive dental visits is so important to your smile. Your dental health professionals in Columbia, IL understand the relation between oral and overall health and taking care of dental issues doesn't just lead to healthy teeth; you could also improve the health of your whole body.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Also known as gum disease, this is an infection that happens when bacteria builds up between your teeth and gums. If you notice redness, bleeding gums, inflammation or pain you should get checked by your dentist.

Left unchecked, periodontal disease results in your gums pulling away from the tooth and creating pockets that bacteria can easily hide in. This eventually leads to tooth loss if completely untreated.

Gum Recession and Periodontal Disease

Gum recession is a sure sign of periodontal disease. Your dentist will be able to track the progress of your disease and help you with your treatment plan to get your mouth back on track.

Get Treatment Early

At Dr. Steven Workman's dentistry practice in Columbia, IL, we are passionate about keeping your gums and teeth healthy. Together we can detect early gum disease or focus on prevention. Call our dental team to find out more about periodontal treatment schedule your preventive professional cleaning dentistry appointment today.


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