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At Workman Family Dental, we know that the best way to keep your teeth healthy is by showing you the benefits of good oral health. We encourage you to ask questions because it helps you learn and helps us understand what's important to you.

Here are a few questions we hear most often, but you probably have some of your own. You are always welcome to call our office, and a knowledgeable member of our team will find the answer you're looking for. Or, feel free to fill out our convenient online contact form, and we will get back to you!


insurance | columbia il dentistYour insurance benefits are a big part of your dental treatment. We accept most dental insurances, and our knowledgeable team will explain your benefits, provide you with pre-treatment estimates, and file your insurance form to make it as convenient as possible for you.

If you have questions about your specific insurance coverage, please call our office.

At Workman Family Dental, your complete comfort is our number one priority

We believe that, with advances in modern dentistry, anesthetics, and techniques, there is no reason for any procedure we perform to be uncomfortable. Our exceptional team of caring professionals has helped many of our anxious patients relax so they can get the care they need. In fact, Dr. Workman has been complimented many times on how painless and gentle his injections and procedures anxiety | columbia il dentist

Our goal is to do whatever it takes to ensure your comfort, so we are pleased to offer nitrous oxide ("laughing gas") for our more apprehensive patients. Nitrous oxide is a mild form of sedation that will take the edge off your anxiety and allow you to stay calm during your procedure. There are no lingering side effects with nitrous, so you will be able to return to your normal daily activities immediately after you leave our office.

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Your good oral health is important, and we want to make it easy for you to follow through with necessary dental treatment. If you haven’t visited a dentist recently, you will probably be impressed with the level of comfort you’ll experience! Please call our Columbia, IL dental office to see the difference that attentive care and genuine concern for your needs can make!

Crowns & Bridges

At Workman Family Dental, we use only the highest quality materials to ensure that the restoration we create for you will last for many years. All dental restorations are man-made, however, so it's inevitable that they will have a certain lifespan.

There are several things you need to take into account when considering the lifespan of a restoration. The size of the restoration and the tooth on which it is placed both play a part in how long a particular restoration will last.

Dental Restoration Maintenancedental crowns and bridges | restorations | columbia il dentist

However, the most important factor will be how well you take care of your teeth. We can create a beautiful, durable restoration, but it is up to you to take care of it properly. Even the highest quality restoration can’t stand up to abuse and neglect. Failure to brush and floss properly or frequently biting down on hard candies will definitely shorten the lifespan of your restoration. In a perfect world, with proper care and routine dental visits, a crown or bridge will last up to 10 years (and maybe longer).

If you have are considering having a crown or bridge placed and would like more information, please call our Columbia dental office. We will be happy to arrange an appointment to discuss all your options. 

Dental Implants

Replacing a tooth that has been lost to disease, decay, or trauma is important. The empty space left in your mouth doesn’t help your appearance, and it’s not good for your oral health either.

At Workman Family Dental, we have several options for tooth replacement. But we offer dental implants because they offer many benefits and are the number one choice of doctors and patients alike.

Unlike other tooth replacements, such as bridges or dentures, implants are a truly permanent tooth replacement. The titanium implant is placed securely in your jaw, where it will integrate naturally with surrounding bone and tissue. This means that the implant actually becomes part of your dental implants | columbia il

Dental implants are versatile and can be restored with a dental crown or attached to bridges or dentures for extra support. The presence of a dental implant in your mouth is also helpful because it prevents the bone in the area of the missing tooth from deteriorating.

Once a crown or other restoration is attached to the implant, you can enjoy a fully functional permanent tooth. The restoration may need to be replaced over time, but the implant will never need to be replaced.

Dental Implants Consultation

There’s a lot to learn about dental implants, and we will be happy to spend some time talking to you about the ways they can benefit you. Please call our Columbia, IL dental office to arrange a convenient consultation.

Full & Partial Dentures

A partial denture works a little bit like a jigsaw puzzle. If you have one or a few missing teeth, the partial is designed to fit in and around remaining teeth to restore your appearance and lost function.

If you don’t replace a missing tooth with a dental prosthetic like an implant, bridge, or partial denture, you put your oral health at risk and jeopardize the integrity and position of remaining teeth. At Workman Family Dental, we design partial dentures that look natural and function comfortably. You will be able to eat more nutritious foods and smile without embarrassment because no one ever needs to know those are not your natural teeth.

Partial Dentures Look and Feel Natural

Would you like to learn more about partial dentures in Columbia, IL, and whether or not they’re a good choice for you? Dr. Steven Workman would love to sit down with you for a consultation so he can understand your goals for a better smile and how you would like us to help you. He will be happy to explain the general benefits of replacing missing teeth and the advantages of partial dentures in particular.

Please call Workman Family Dental at (612) 281-7178  to arrange a convenient consultation so we can you started on your way to a healthier smile!

If you are considering dentures, you should know that a lot has changed in recent years! Gone are the days of fake-looking artificial teeth that look like they belong to someone else. Modern dentures are individually customized to complement your appearance resulting in replacement teeth that look as close to natural teeth as possible.

There are three types of dentures available:

  • Full dentures in Columbia, IL are the right option for you if all your teeth are missing in your upper arch, lower arch, or both. Artificial teeth are customized and positioned in a gum-colored base which is held in place by suction.
  • Partial dentures are a good choice if you have one or more teeth missing because they’re customized to fit in and around existing teeth. Partials may be set on an acrylic base or held in place with clasps attached to remaining teeth.
  • Implant-supported dentures combine the best of removable full and partials with advanced dental implant technology. We place one or more dental implants in your jaw and design dentures with attachments that snap onto the implants. Implant dentures look, feel, and function most like natural teeth and eliminate the shifting that is so common with removable dentures.

Schedule Your Dentures Consultation

Now that you know a little bit about the types of dentures we offer, your next step is to call us to arrange a consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve your smile goals!

Root Canals

One of the things that people dislike about dental procedures is the lingering numbness after treatment. You don’t mind so much having the treatment, but you probably dread the two to three hours of numbness that follow!

Not only does your face feel strange, but you also have to deal with the embarrassment of trying to speak or smile naturally with a numb mouth. We have also seen patients who damage the inside of their cheek or lips when they’re numb because they can’t feel the pain.

mouth numb | cleaning | columbia il dentist

At Workman Family Dental, we are very excited to offer our patients a revolutionary approach to the problem of lingering numbness. We use an anesthetic reversal agent that helps eliminate numbness in 30 to 60 minutes instead of several hours!

Numbing After Treatment

Most patients dislike having a bottom tooth numbed because it means they lose feeling in their face and tongue for hours afterward. Now, we can eliminate this problem! Dr. Workman is skilled in a new technique that allows him to numb a bottom tooth without numbing your face.

We would be happy to explain these updated treatments and how they can benefit your oral health by making treatment easy and pain-free. Please call our Columbia dental office, and we will be happy to arrange an appointment.

Tooth Extraction

We know it can be unpleasant to face the prospect of having a tooth extracted. At Workman Family Dental, we take the steps necessary to preserve a tooth in whatever way we can. However, there are certain cases where removal of the tooth is our only option. 

If we find that you need to have a tooth removed, you can feel comfortable knowing that your care is in the hands of professionals who have your best interest at heart. Our exceptional team has years of experience, and we have helped many fearful patients relax and get the care they need.

Some reasons why we would extract a tooth are:

  • A tooth is so severely damaged that it can’t be saved.tooth extraction | columbia il dentist
  • A wisdom tooth has erupted at an odd angle, putting surrounding teeth at risk.
  • We are preparing for placement of a dental implant or dentures.
  • Your recommended orthodontic treatment requires the removal of teeth for optimal results.

Post Procedure Recovery

After your procedure, you may experience some discomfort. You can get relief by applying an ice pack to the area and taking any prescribed pain medications. Any discomfort will usually subside after 48 hours.

Please don’t let fear about the procedure prevent you from getting the care you need. If you suspect you may need a tooth extracted, please call our Columbia dental office to arrange an appointment.

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