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How long will my mouth feel numb after treatment?

One of the things that people dislike about dental procedures is the lingering numbness after treatment. You don’t mind so much having the treatment, but you probably dread the two to three hours of numbness that follow!

Not only does your face feel strange, but you also have to deal with the embarrassment of trying to speak or smile naturally with a numb mouth. We have also seen patients who damage the inside of their cheek or lips when they’re numb because they can’t feel the pain.

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At Workman Family Dental, we are very excited to offer our patients a revolutionary approach to the problem of lingering numbness. We use an anesthetic reversal agent that helps eliminate numbness in 30 to 60 minutes instead of several hours!

Numbing After Treatment

Most patients dislike having a bottom tooth numbed because it means they lose feeling in their face and tongue for hours afterward. Now, we can eliminate this problem! Dr. Workman is skilled in a new technique that allows him to numb a bottom tooth without numbing your face.

We would be happy to explain these updated treatments and how they can benefit your oral health by making treatment easy and pain-free. Please call our Columbia dental office, and we will be happy to arrange an appointment.

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